This is my first foray into GMing, and it’s a hectic time with the semester ending, but I figured I may as well get started on this. We’ve certainly got the time for it, if everybody wants to have some Pathfinder fun. We can start as early as next week, that being the week of December 5. All (or at least most) of you should know me on facebook. Please get in touch with me by phone, email, facebook, whatever, and talk to me if you’re interested in joining the campaign. There’s a free PDF Player’s Handbook to acclimate you to the environs if you’ve never played this campaign before. If you’re new to roleplaying or to Pathfinder, I’d be happy to help with character creation and I’ve got some blank character sheets, and can always print more. This was the first Pathfinder Adventure Path, so there are a few discrepancies between descriptions given and current rule standards that I’d be happy to help with. I also have almost all the sourcebooks available for your use if you need them. The Pathfinder Source Reference Document is an excellent resource for beginners that I would highly recommend. Other than that, any questions, please ask. To those playing, I’m going to assume a lot of you know each other, and feel free to collaborate a bit. For instance, what the hell are you all doing in Sandpoint anyways? Are you from here? Just visiting? If so, why? It is a bit of a small town off-the-beaten path after all. I mean, it’s a port, but there’s nothing special about it. Not even founded a whole 50 years ago. However, I encourage all of you to disclose alignment and, at least initially, character class only with me. Don’t worry about things getting too heavy too fast. Build a level one single class character and we’ll go from there. I won’t be keeping a detailed XP count, but I won’t throw you anything you can’t handle for the most part, so long as you use your common sense. Let’s have fun everybody!

Rise of the Runelords